KLIPPYO – The Last Video Maker You’ll Ever Need

Welcome To The Last Video Maker You’ll Ever Need… A Professional Video Editor That Does It All, And Then Does Some More!

What is Klippyo?

Klippyo is a web(cloud) based video creation tool that will help you make the most engaging videos in formats correctly optimized for social media in just minutes, from any device, even from your phone. It is so simple to use that you can create videos without needing any additional software or hiring professional.

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With Klippyo you can create Square Videos, Vertical Videos, Captioned Videos, Meme Videos, Compilation Videos and more… all from A single app, without recording a single frame of footage.

This is how you get 100% more engagement on your videos, 35% cheaper ads leading to easier and more profitable campaigns, as many as 39% of your viewers watching your video all the way to the end.

This is how you can create killer videos without shooting a single frame of footage yourself.

And there’s only one thing you need to do… Stop Just ‘Making Video’. Start Making Videos BETTER.

Klippyo is the easiest and fastest way I’ve used to create engaging videos for social media, across all platforms with just the click of a few buttons.

A great feature is the seamless integration with Shutterstock videos, images and audio. Click a button and you can search through a multitude of media and select one that gets added right in to your timeline and its all part of Klippyo – no Shutterstock account required. Thousands saved in fees!

The same goes for YouTube, with no need to download, embed or copy the share code Just one click on the media you want and it’s in your timeline…

The one click options to change the aspect ratio of the video for all main social media platforms which includes the optimum pixel size, landscape, square and vertical formats is such a huge timesaver.

Add to this the ability to create memes in seconds, add quotes, emojis, animated text and music to stock video and photos or upload your own and Klippyo is your go to platform to create your social media videos.

For me Klippyo is ‘quickyo’ … its fast, efficient and effective. Its gets my vote.

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